Vegetable producers

Verdcamp Fruits SAT 1132 established in 1989, as a result of a long vegetable tradition. Our origins go back to 1933 when the family Barrabeig-Tost got settled in the current premises Masia Barrabeig.

During these years we have become SAT, and we have widened our cultivating surface till 300 hectars. We dispose of about 4000 sqaure meters of facilities where we manipulate, cool off and prepare the products acording to the petition of each client.

At present, apart from the national market, we export to different countries of the European Union as well as to the countires outside the European Union. Our objective as a company has been and still is the power to satisfy our cleints’ demands.

We currently help INICEF social projects and the nutrition banc of Cruz Roja among others.